Social responsibility
We want to contribute to the sustainable growth of society while maintaining a good quality of life, including the protection of the weakest and most excluded people. To this end we donate funds and undertake various activities for charity.

  • Voluntary work action – 'ACTIONS MATTERS, NOT WORDS', Slovenia, 2013
  • Voluntary action – 'OUR ACCUMULATING STEPS', Slovenia 2013
Voluntary work action – Actions matters, not words, Slovenia, 2013
That actions speak louder than words, was demonstrated by more than 100 friends, co-workers and users of natural and organic cosmetics from Essentiq who, despite the rain and cold, attended our first volunteer campaign.

Together we showed that we respect the environment and act in harmony with it. We are aware that only with a responsible attitude towards the environment and providing assistance to the most vulnerable, can we contribute to the sustainable growth of society. And how could we illustrate this message better than by supporting older beekeepers who through their tireless work undertake the preservation of bees and thus ensure the colourfulness and diversity of our nature?

At three locations at Ig near Ljubljana and in Horjul, a colourful party of fearless volunteers gathered together, eager to make a start on the various beekeeping chores. There were the young, and those with a bit more life experience but who nevertheless felt young at heart. All were anxious to learn about the work of beekeepers, establish new or strengthen old ties, spread goodwill and contribute to a richer harvest of honey and other bee products that can also be found in Essentiq products.

Under the careful eye of trained beekeepers, our volunteers sharpened, disinfected and decorated hives, undercut beeswax combs, sharpened edges, and put in wires. In this way, the diligent hands of our volunteers left a legacy of 500 assembled and wired foundations and 30 renovated beehives. Well done!

Voluntary action – Our accumulating steps, Slovenia 2013
I's raining heavily down here... Will the action take place anyway? Do we meet?" were the first SMS messages and calls to the unfriendly weather conditions on the Saturday, when we were planning to go towards Grgarske Ravne. A bit frustrated we looked towards the cloudy sky, but nevertheless we did not loose hope. Considering the Goethe thought that the character is formed only in the whirlwind of the world, we have responded: "Yeah, let's do it!".

And we did it. A slightly different from the original plan, but still successful.

In front of Herbal Centre Grgarske Ravne early 40 friends, colleagues and supporters of Essentiq meet on 12 October 2013, firmly determined to help the Centre and the Foundation Bit Planota.

After the introductory greeting, refreshments and work instructions, the first group picked up brooms, rags, brushes and clean every corner of the herbal centre at Grgarske Ravne. While dusting an exhibition space we managed to read about the herbs, and at the same time tryed to remember the receipe for a youghurt cake with mint. We rubbed a nest for drying the herbs and fruits and washed kitchen, whwre will again be held trainings for blind and visually impaired, schoolchildren and other who have an interest to learn how to effectivelly use herbs.

Another group of volunteers already in the morning went to Lokve, where huge sacks of dried herbs were waiting for hardworking hands to strip the leaves, clean them, and pack them into tea bags. The campaign was concluded with socializing at nice warm fireplace, where we welcomed Mr. Boris Rijavec, Municipal Councsellor of the Municipality of Nova Gorica, who expressed satisfaction that even in the times of crisis, there are still companies that promote volunteering.