Features of products
  • Products contain at least 98-99% natural/organic ingredients.
    The remaining 1-2% include preservatives and surface active agents, such as emulsifiers, cleaners, and foaming agents.
  • In facial care line, we exclude perfumes and conventional preservatives.
  • In cleansing products we exclude sulfates. Rather than sulfates, in our cleansing products we use mild skin and hair friendly natural derived glucosides, glucamides and foaming hydrolyzed vegetable proteins processed with fatty acids from coconut.

​​Composition rule summary:
  • ​​Minimum 95% of natural ingredients required natural/organic ingredients.
  • 10% - 100% of processed natural ingredients from agricultural source (physically and/or chemically), depending on a product category, is required.
  • Very strict limitation regarding synthetic additives with no natural alternatives.
  • Products MUST NOT contain any controversial preservatives like parabens, phenoxyethanol or sources of formaldehyde, synthetic colorants, PEG (polyethylene glycol) and EO (Ethylene oxide), GMOs, mineral oil (paraffin) and silicones.
  • Maximum 0.3% of fragrance is allowed in total substance. All fragrances must have IFRA certificate and precise allergen declaration.
  • Packaging must be recyclable.
For more detailed information, check ECOGEA standard.