Our story

ESSENTIQ stands for natural and organic products that are a result of traditional knowledge enhanced with modern, innovative concepts.

With us, you will always find something new. Either we are developing new products, or we are improving formulations of old products in line with latest developments, or we are planning new promotional or social responsibility campaigns. But regardless of what we do, we always do it with conscientiousness and enthusiasm, as well as love and respect for nature and all living beings. At heart, we are a team of romantics, inspired by pure beauty.

Can you imagine life without herbs, spices, flowers, vegetables or fruits? Neither can we. Are you not overwhelmed by the smell of blooming flowers and trees in the spring, fields of blooming lavender in the summer, the freshness and sharpness of the air in the mountains, or the colourfulness of leaves in the autumn? We are. And we are going one step further by trying to catch these sensations in our products - by basing them on the fruits of nature. The essence and touch of nature. Clean, fresh, unspoilt, gentle. For you and us.

We are three partners, with three different backgrounds, but a common passion for nature and the preservation of the wisdom, knowledge, and traditions of our ancestors. These are the driving forces of Essentiq.

Do you want to learn more about what brought the three partners together in the Essentiq story?

Tine's grandfather was a well-known pharmacist in Ljubljana, who had opened his pharmacy back in 1932. His focus and passion was the study of herbal plants and their healing effects. He developed two important ointments, ‘Okama’ and spruce resin. Okama, short for Oblak's camomile ointment, was beneficial for various skin problems, such as cracked skin, burns, insect bites and inflammations. Spruce-resin ointment was used for the treatment of open wounds and bedsores. Before he died, he also developed a cream called Herbana, intended as a multi-purpose ointment, but especially for the treatment of all skin complaints (for example, dermatitis), for the care of the dry skin on the face, and for reducing allergy and inflammation of the skin. Although he considered this cream as the crown of his knowledge and experience, it never achieved the success of its two predecessors.

Tine shares and continues his grandfather's passion for herbs and the development of herbal products. As our product developer, he makes sure that Essentiq's products are of high quality and effective, but sensitive and skin friendly at the same time.

Tanja's perspective about cosmetics changed after the birth of her son. Similar to herself, her son suffers from dermatitis. Tanja has been on and off corticosteroids since she was four years old. But she never paid any attention to pre-cause measures until her son started to suffer from the same problem. Only then she realised that it is not only important what we put into ourselves but also what we put on ourselves. And when it comes to skin protection, the quality of cosmetic products does matter. She and her son test every Essentiq product to check the reaction of their sensitive skin. Her common saying is ‘I would never offer customers something that I would not use for myself or my children’.

Blaž has spent his childhood surrounded by hilly vineyards, bright deciduous forests, and vast fields. Blaž and his friends often climbed the tallest beech trees to enjoy spectacular views of the valleys and the chequered patterns of green and golden meadows, all perfect rectangles. Blaž studied and spent his first working years in urban Ljubljana, but the images and feelings of his childhood became more and more vibrant, and finally made him move back to rural Slovenia. These days he is a happy and passionate owner of an eco-garden which is steadily growing. Nature inspires him at his work. You can feel his love for nature in Essentiq’s graphic design. Clean, fresh and colourful.

You are most welcome to try them.

Blaž Topolinjak, Co-owner, AD&Design
Tanja Božinac, Founder, Managing Director
Tine Oblak, Co-owner, Research and Development