KIDS under ten years of age - send us your drawing for a label for our KIDS’ shower gel bottle. Perhaps you are the creator that we were looking for.
From the drawings that we receive, we will choose a winner.
We will use the winning drawing on a limited edition of the shower gel and donate 10% of the revenue from the sales of this production to a preselected local organization that acts in the best interests of children.

For the winner, the limited edition will be ‘his’ or ‘her’ shower gel, and he or she will participate in the selection of a fragrance for it. Drawings will be collected for several consecutive months. Essentiq jury will select winners.
This ‘KIDS for KIDS’ campaign is part of Essentiq's regular social responsibility program. It is executed independently in the individual country.
For more information about the start of the campaign in your state, campaign conditions, and contact details for the submission of drawings, please follow Essentiq's national web or Facebook pages.


  • The participation in the ‘KIDS for KIDS’ campaign is not conditional on the purchase of our products.
  • Any child that has not reached ten years of age by the end of the campaign (by April 2017) can participate.
  • Drawings should be on A4 white paper. Remember to state your name, age, and contact details.
  • Send your drawing via regular mail or a scanned version (300dpi) by e-mail. Delivery addresses will be published on the Essentiq's national Facebook or web pages.
  • Submitted drawings are the property of Essentiq Ltd., and may be used for commercial purpose.
  • Any personal information will not be used without the owner's authorization.

Has been teaching and tutoring art in primary school for more than 34 years. Under her tutorship, children have created more than 40,000 works of art. With these artworks, she has been successfully participating in international and national art competitions and international and regional art colonies and received many international gold, silver, bronze awards (Turkey, Czech Republic).
In 2015 she received an award for the promotion of art culture of young people from the Gallery of artworks of Young People Celje.

​​Quote: Just draw what is on your mind. This is where the originality comes from.

Born in 1973 is a renowned Slovenian painter, printmaker, illustrator, designer and writer. So far he has had more than 30 personal and many more group shows in various Slovene and foreign galleries, he has a paintings in different private and public collections (European Parliament Art Collection …). He is known for his humour and art full of surprises, where no one knows what his next exhibition will bring. Together with his sister Sanja, a writer, they create picture books for kids called Octopus Alenčica.
More about Arjan can be found here.

​​Quote: Don’t let anyone tell you, how you must paint. If you feel the sky is yellow and the sun is green, paint it so!.
Is a graphic designer and has 25 years of experience in working for several advertising agencies in Slovenia. For the last ten years his focus has been laid down to packaging design. He has been a member of several project teams awarded by juries of international advertising festivals in New York, Cannes and Berlin. In 2015, he was mentioned as an inspired designer in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, a unique compendium reflecting the present state of the art of international product design.

​​Quote: When you look at one sample of graphic design, there are only three possible responses to: yes, no, and wow.