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Do you want to chase away the odours created by cooking, smoking, and pets? Do you want a discreet citrusy scent to envelop you, while you are reading a book in the living room? Do you wish to bring a tiny bit of natural scents in your bathroom or car? Would you like to bring back memories of the summer or holidays in the Mediterranean? Then you should try our natural and environmentally friendly home fragrances. Enjoy the pleasant scents without having to worry about them causing headaches or irritating your nose and lungs.

Our AMBIENT line HOME FRAGRANCES are special because they:

  • Contain more than 80% of natural-organic components.
  • Have a 100% organic carrier base. We use bio-alcohol made out of food, especially fruit and tomato.
  • Are long-lasting and user friendly; even for people suffering from asthma.
  • Are packed in glass bottles. Spray pumps are made from recycled aluminium, and the wooden caps are from certified sustainable forests.
  • Are certified by IFRA (International Fragrance Association).
Ambient Fragrances