Net: 250ml

A symphony of fruity, flowery and musky notes can recall memories of enjoying the sweetness of strawberries, apricots or red grapes in grandma’s garden. Someone might be taken to a flower garden or an orchard of blooming fruit trees in late spring. Another may even be reminded of his last glass of Bordeaux wine while sitting on a terrace, admiring the vineyards glowing in the sunset … Just, don’t drink it! It is still a home fragrance. A fusion of fragrances that allows your imagination to fly anywhere. Light and gentle, with a hint of sweetness and freshness.  Highly concentrated room scent, 250ml. Content of the product is sufficient for more than three months of scent in your room.

Natural vegan friendly

The carrier base consists of 100% bio-alcohol and the scent is a combination of red grapes, strawberries, forest fruits, birch wood, apricot, prunes, oak moss, walnuts and sweet spices.
Only natural colours are used.
All the fragrances used are certified by the International Fragrance association (IFRA) and are not toxic for humans.
Glass packaging can be recycled.
Sticks are made of natural and unbleached rattan and wooden corks are from certified sustainable forests.