Room Spray Bergamot and Aniseed

Net: 125ml

Let yourself be tempted by the sweetness of aniseed and freshness of bergamot orange. Allow the fragrances of rosemary, basil and sage to fill the space around you supported by the constant touch of wood and plant musk.

Natural vegan friendly

pyramid scheme bergamotThe product consists of 100% bio-alcohol, essential oils of aniseed, bergamot, rosemary, basil, sage, wood and plant musk.
Only natural colours are used. All fragrances are certified by the International Fragrance Association and are not toxic for humans (IFRA).
Glass packaging can be recycled. Spray pumps are made of recycled aluminium.

Features of individual fragrance:
• Bergamot promotes concentration, has antibacterial effect and cleans the air.
• Aniseed soothes and helps with pain in the ears and coughing.
• Rosemary has an antiseptic effect. It used to be applied for disinfection of hospital rooms. It relieves the symptoms of a cold and opens the nose.
• Sage disinfects the premises and strengthens the immune system.
• Basil has a calming effect; it eliminates milder forms of migraine and works against fatigue.