Room Spray Grapefruit

Net: 125ml

The enchantment of plant musk and tonka bean form the basis above which springs a vortex of fruity flower fragrances. When you open the fragrance, it immediately transports you to the middle of Sicilian grapefruit, orange, and lemon groves. This is followed by the sharp and discrete flowery smells of violet, rose, and geranium.

Natural vegan friendly

pyramid scheme grapefruitThe product consists of 100% bio alcohol, essential oils of orange, lemon, grapefruit, violet, rose, geranium, plant musk and tonka bean. Only natural colours are used. All fragrances are certified by International Fragrance Association and are not toxic for humans. Glass packaging can be recycled. Spray pumps are made of recycled aluminium.

Features of individual fragrance:
• Grapefruit cleans the spaces and promotes concentration. It stimulates solving of math problems.
• Orange helps against insomnia and brings back the smile.
• Lemon is refreshing, works antibacterial and cleans the air.
• Rose increases attention and speed of thinking; it stimulates good dreams.
• Geranium works against depression and relieves feelings of anxiety.