Room Spray Lemon and Peach

Net: 125ml

The fragrance starts by taking you to the Mediterranean amongst the freshness of citrus trees of bergamot orange and lemon and the sweetness of ripe peach. The smell then takes you to the lavender and rosemary fields of Provence. If you close your eyes, you finally slip into the depths of the cedar wood.

Natural vegan friendly

pyramid scheme lemon and peachThe product consists of 100% bio alcohol, essential oils of lemon, peach, bergamot, orange, lavender, rosemary and cedar wood.
Only natural colours are used. All fragrances are certified by the International Fragrance Association and are not toxic for humans (IFRA).
Glass packaging can be recycled. Spray pumps are made of recycled aluminium.

Features of individual fragrance:
• The lemon odour refreshes, has antibacterial effect and cleans the air. It is suitable for offices and other indoor spaces. It works against nervous tension.
• Bergamot promotes concentration and protects against bacteria in the air.
• Lavender is used for relaxation and prevents insomnia; it is a perfect cure for a headache.
• Rosemary is used to disinfect the premises; it invigorates and has a stimulating effect.
• Cedar gives strength and promotes tranquillity.