The Babassu palm (Attalea speciosa, is a 15-20 m high palm, native to the Amazon Rainforest region in South America. Fruits grow throughout the year, but the main harvesting season is the summer. Palm crown has 15 to 20 leafs that are up to 7 meters long. Fruits are 10 cm long, 8 cm wide and weigh 150 to 400 g. They grow in bunches of 200 to 600. Each fruit has about 4-6 seeds.

Babassu seeds contain 60-70% of oil. The babassu oil is a very stable vegetable oil. It is light yellow, with a pleasant nutty or coconut-like odour. Its closest relatives are palm seed oil and coconut oil

History and folklore: People of Amazon use babassu oil to heal minor wounds, such as cuts and scratches, and treat leukorrhea — vaginal discharge that is associated with hormonal imbalances.


The babassu oil contain large range of fatty acids (C8-18), dominated by lauric acid (40%). Due to antimicrobial properties of lauric acid, the babassu oil may be used in cosmetic products for the impure and acne-prone skin.

Babassu oil is excellent for care of dry, cracked and flaky skin and it is most commonly used in skincare products. It is also used in hair care, but less frequently than coconut oil.


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