Names: Carrot oil, oil of carrot, wild carrot oil
Botany: Daucus carota (common names include wild carrot, bird’s nest, bishop’s lace, and Queen Anne’s lace) is an annual or biennial herb with erect, much branched stem, up to about 1.5 m high.  The common cultivated carrot has an edible, fleshy, orange-red taproot, while the wild carrot or Queen Anne’s lace, has an inedible, tough whitish root.  Wild carrot is native to Europe, Asia and North America.
The part used is the dried fruit, from which carrot seed oil is obtained, and the root from which carrot root oil is obtained.
Biochemistry: Carrot root oil contains high concentrations of carotenes (α, β, etc.).
Carrot seed oil contains α-pinene, β-pinene, carotol, daucol, limonene, β-bisabolene, β elemene, cis-β-bergamotene, geraniol, geranyl acetate, caryophyllene, caryophyllene oxide, asarone, α-terpineol, terpinen-4-ol, γ-decanol acetate, coumarin and β-selinene, palmitic acid, butyric acid, and others.
Daucus carota sativa botanical extract.
Daucus carota essential oil (Carrot seed oil) is obtained by steam distillation of the dried fruit: It is an essential oil with significant antioxidant, antiseptic and fragrant properties with high levels of vitamin A.
Daucus carota fixed oil (Carrot root oil) is obtained by solvent extraction of red carrot (root).


Daucus carota sativa botanical extract 
Traditional use: The grated root was applied to bad wounds, old sores, swellings, tumours, and is soothing. Carrot juice is a remedy for styes in eyelids, and twitching eyes.
Daucus carota essential oil (Carrot seed oil)
Carrot seed oil is used primarily as a fragrance component in soaps, detergents, creams, lotions and perfumes.  Yellow in colour, carrot seed oil carries scent notes of wood and earth.  The highest concentration level reported is 0.4% in perfumes. It is vitamin rich (β-carotene and provitamin A) and is moisturizing.  It is all-purpose skin reliever that helps wrinkles, rashes, dry skin and swelling.  That is why preparations containing carrot oil are also suited to the care of aging skin with its tendency to cornification (and incipient wrinkling).  In the case of dry and scaly skin, carrot oil stimulates the production of sebum, but not to excess. The skin become soft and supple as a result.  When applied topically to the skin in the form of a diluted carrier oil, carrot seed oil provides natural sun protection.  According to a study published in “Pharmacognosy Magazine” in 2009, products containing carrot seed oil have a natural SPF of 38 to 40.
Daucus carota fixed oil (Carrot root oil)
Carrot root carrier oil acts as a moisturizing base for dry skin in face and body products.  Like carrot seed essential oil, the carrier oil contains provitamin A and β-carotene.  It is used in certain sunscreen preparations.  It is a natural colour and skin nutrient.  It accelerates the formation of tissue and contributes to a flawless skin epithelium. Carrot oil clears the complexion, as it gradually dissolves the hardened (cornified) cores of blackheads.  Because of its deep red colour and heavy scent, it is necessary to blend this carrier oil with milder products like olive or sunflower oil when using it for skin care and massage oil.


Data indicate carrot seed oil to be non-toxic. However, the chloroform/methanol fraction and petroleum ether extracts of the seeds have shown anti-fertility activity in female rats.


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