Olus ingredientDESCRIPTION

Plant vaseline or OLUS is an innovative alternative to synthetic Vaseline made from oil derivates (petrolatum). It is produced from a mixture of triglycerides from coconut and palm oil and very compatible with other cosmetic ingredients. It is opaque in colour and odourless. Soluble in oils and insoluble in water.


Plant Vaseline can be added to practically any cosmetic products which need a good base or lipids.
Petroleum jelly is efficient in fighting against wrinkles and dry skin, because it creates a protective film on the epidermis, which protects the skin from external influences and prevents moisture loss. Due to its unique composition it does not clog pores, does not leave oily stains, and absorbs completely. Plant Vaseline or Olus can completely replace synthetic Vaseline made from oil (mineral oils). Because of its extreme durability it increases the shelf life of the products. It is nicely spreadable. It can be used in the majority of cosmetic formulas, from liquid lotions to creams, balms and waterless ointments.




1.2 Cleansing Milk


2.5 Natural Oclusive Butter Base