Sandalwood (West Indian Sandalwood)DESCRIPTION

Names: Balsam Torchwood, Candlewood, Poison-ash, West Indian Sandalwood.

Aromatic bush or small tree, 2-4 m high; branches of inflorescence and calyx hispid; leaves opposite, with 3-5 leaflets with petiolules, lanceolate to ovate or rhobic-ovate, 3-13 cm, pointed to acuminate at apex, brilliant on upper side; petals obovate to ovate, 3-3.5 mm; ovary ovoid or oblong-ellipsoid, hispid; stigma directly attached or stipitate; drupe oblong-ovoid, sometimes ellipsoid, usually elongated in the base forming a collar, 6-14 mm, black.

Amyris Essential Oil (Balsamifera Bark Oil) is a volatile oil distilled from the bark of Amyris balsamifera. It has sweet, warm, vanilla notes with a woody, cedar-like character, reminiscent of benzoin.


Fragrance Ingredient; Masking.

Amyris balsamifera essential oil (amyris oil):
Perfumery/Fragrancing. Acts as a fixative. Primarily, it is a raw material in perfumery. On a paper scent strip, this scent may last for several months. Amyris oil helps anchor top and middle notes for the purpose of perfume making. Also possesses antiseptic and sedative properties. It is reported as used in fragrance compounds in 2008 (IFRA Fragrance Ingredient List).


Tisserand and Lawless both indicate that Amyris Oil appears to be non-toxic. [Robert Tisserand, Essential Oil Safety (United Kingdom: Churchill Livingstone, 1995), 212.] [Julia Lawless, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils (Rockport, MA: Element Books, 1995), 82.]

Not suspected to be an environmental toxin.
Classified as not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful.


Facial care