Names: soya bean, soybean

Botany: An erect bushy annual, clad in red-grey hairs, with trifoliate leaves, 4-10cm long. Small, white or mauve, pea flowers appear in clusters of 3-15 m the axils in summer, followed by yellow-brown to grey, brown, or almost black pods, 3-7 cm long, containing 1-5 yellow, green, brown, black, or mottled seeds according to cultivar. Native to E Asia.

The parts used are seeds (beans).

History and/or folklore: This plant has been known and used by the Chinese for more than 4,000 years, though today most of the oil comes from the United States.

Biochemistry: Soybean is listed as a major starting material for stigmasterol, once known as an anti-stiffness factor. Stigmasterol is a plant sterol and has powerful skin properties including reduction in skin erythema (skin redness), reduction of pruritis (skin itching) and reduction in inflammation.

Glycine max botanical extract
Glycine max fixed oil


Glycine max botanical extract
Traditional use: A decoction of the root is said to be astringent.

Glycine max. Soybean Fixed oil
Traditional use: This oil is a cost-effective base on which to prepare hair and body products where good moisturization is required at a budget price. This oil is one of the lightest and silkiest when applied to the skin and lacks the greasiness of many vegetable oils.

It has a natural SPF of 10.


Not assessed for safety in cosmetics by the industry panel.