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There is no need to suffer from dry skin and itching after you clean your body … you only need to use cleansing products that do not include sulphates. Your skin will be grateful. Thoughtful body nourishing is especially important during the summer and winter months. During that time our skin is more exposed to different environmental impacts and needs more attention and care.  With products from Essentiq BODY CARE line you will pamper your skin with shea butter, aloe vera and light essential oils that are quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving you with a long lasting silky feeling on your skin, without having to worry about greasy stains on your clothes.

We recommend using Essentiq sulphate free cleansing products:

  • To reduce chances of developing irritation or inflammations on skin or scalp;
  • To increase moisture retention within the hair and the skin. The skin is not dried out or itchy;
  • To prevent destruction of important acid skin mantle which protects skin from absorbing harmful chemicals and fights against environmental impacts more efficiently.
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