Creating Personalized Skin Care Treatments

How often are you in a bind, because you cannot find a suitable type of care that would meet the needs of every type of skin?

Often? Yes, it used to happen to me, too. These days it is difficult to claim that there are only a few basic types of skin. The skin types have become more complex. The clients are not facing only one or two problems, the problems are usually numerous! Is this the fault of hormonal changes due to external and internal factors? Is the stress to blame? All the harmful substances we ingest? Well, whatever is at fault, it is an undeniable fact that as cosmetologists we are faced with very demanding clients, who look to us for solutions. Immediately, if possible. We cannot offer immediate solutions, but we can significantly shorten the time necessary for skin regeneration, and offer a wholesome solution.

woman receiving facial treatment


Can you imagine solving a lot more problems in a single treatment than you could before? Can you imagine designing the treatment yourself, so that you can cover a larger spectre of skin anomalies, in addition to offering the skin the very thing that is indispensable for every skin type – the slowing down of the ageing process?


A client with seemingly unproblematic skin. Clogged pores, she complains that she is bothered by shiny skin, caused by excessive sebum secretion, but if she uses products for oily skin or skin matting products, she feels an unpleasant, pulling sensation on the skin. Her skin is also very sensitive and it quickly reacts to inappropriate compounds in cosmetic products. Considering the fact that she is nearing 40, she really wants to use anti-age cosmetic products, but most of them are too oily and too heavy for her. Hmmm, sounds familiar?

Personalized Skin Care Treatment


The skin is basically oily, but the epidermis is very dry. The skin is sensitive and it needs anti-age active ingredients. What so we choose? What condition will we try to resolve? Will we prevent the excessive sebum secretion with products for oily skin? What if they additionally dry out the epidermis? Will her sensitive skin react to the usually too aggressive product for oily skin? And where do we place the anti-age products, which are mostly made on nutritive base and hence inappropriate?

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When designing PERSONALIZED SKIN CARE, your primary task is to establish the basic skin type: in this case oily. OK. So you need products made on moisturising basis. We separate the treatment into two phases: the cleansing phase, where we take away from the skin, and the treatment phase, where we add to the skin.

In the CLEANSING PHASE we use gentle cleansing agents with a hydrophilic base, which are effective at cleansing, but at the same time moisturising enough not to dry out the skin. We clean the skin and finish the phase with a combination of mild detoxification and ‘sensitive’ mask based on Aloe Vera gel with phospholipids and polysaccharides which will calm the skin after the cleansing and detoxify it at the se time.

Essentiq professional

After the cleansing phase, we pamper the skin in the TREATMENT PHASE. Depending on the condition of the skin, we choose BASES, either hydrophilic bases or bases with low level of lipids (up to 12%). After selecting a suitable base of our care products, we add the active ingredients, targeting individual skin conditions:

  • DEEP HYDRATION using collagen, and high- and low-molecular hyaluronic acids;
  • SEBUM SECRETION REGULATION using a combination of saw palmetto, clover and juniper berry extracts;
  • REDUCING SKIN SENSITIVITY using the red algae and hoary willowherb concoction;
  • ANTIOXIDATIVE SKIN PROTECTION using arctic berries and goji berries;
  • ANTI-AGE ACTION using a cocktail of active peptides, ceramides and plant stem cells.

Do you want to add some vitamins? Go for it, there can never be too many vitamins. 😊

Science fiction? Not even remotely. The personalized cosmetics concept gives us the possibility to choose the base (hydrophilic, lipo-hydrophilic, lipophilic) and enhance them by adding different active ingredients to solve several problems at the same time. It is like combining several different types of treatment into one! And we make the decision at which step of the treatment to incorporate the individual ingredients. Will we use certain active ingredients in combination with apparatus techniques? In the massage or as part of the mask? It is our decision. We can choose to use every appropriate active ingredient in every step, or we can distribute them in different steps.

Essentiq PRO System


The client will be justifiably enthusiastic about skin care, which is adjusted to her skin condition! The effect will be seen immediately, and the problems which troubled her will fade. The feeling of “renewed” skin on our face is the pleasure we all love.


Daily cleaning with a gentle cleansing gel is a must, the gel will clean the skin and moisturise it at the same time. The cleansing is followed by an application of moisturising tonic and a professional matting serum, so the skin does not shine. And the serum has one more secret: it contains a small percentage of lipids; just enough not to make the skin oily, but to give it a pleasant feeling of softness and to make sure the epidermis does not dehydrate. The serum is additionally enriched with anti-age active ingredients, because the skin needs them. And this satisfies our client’s needs for home care.

Skin Care Regimen at Home


Did I mention that all the products used in our personalized treatment are completely natural and allergen free? And that there is no concern of causing harm to the client or worry that her sensitive skin will react and cause an awkward situation for us? I did not? Well those are very important factors: our organic cosmetics DOES NOT include harmful SULPHATES, which dry out the skin, it is NATURAL (CERTIFIED ORGANIC), and thus skin-friendly (without harmful preservatives, synthetic additives, GSO, mineral oils and silicones), it is ALLERGEN FREE, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. And despite being natural, our cosmetics products have a very PLEASANT SMELL. Can it get any better? 😊

Certified Organic + Vegan friendly



Martina Drašler

Professional head coach for Essentiq cosmetics