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At Essenitq we are aware that healthy skin is beautiful skin. An appropriate DAILY BEAUTY REGIMEN gives you healthy, radiant, beautiful skin.  You can read about the recommended daily routine in our blogs, but in short: your daily facial routine starts with appropriate cleansing, continues with tonifying and finally nourishing with serums and creams. And remember, while looking after your face, do not forget your neck and décolletage!

Essentiq FACIAL CARE line offers a variety of products for the complete treatment of your face. You can find many of our facial products for non-problematic skin in this section. Customers with specific skin problems and more demanding customers are invited to look at the products available in our luxury, plant stem cells based line – MAGIC, or in our PROFESSIONAL line. We are confident that you will be able to find products that can take care of your skin and meet all your needs.


  • Carefully selected natural ingredients;
  • Effective active ingredients;
  • Facial crème suitable for your skin type;
  • Products without harmful ingredients.
Facial Care Products