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We all take pride in our hair; we want it to be shiny, luscious, and healthy. And to achieve that result, hair care is very important. Most impurities are of the organic origin and cannot be removed by water alone. That’s where the SHAMPOO comes in play. A shampoo needs to be efficient but not overly aggressive, so that it does not irritate the scalp. Essentiq HAIR CARE line shampoos are specially formulated to protect your hair and scalp, but at same time efficiently remove dirt, grease, fixing-sprays, gels and the like.

To protect your hair Essentiq shampoos:

  • Are sulphate free, perfume free and without any of the controversial ingredients;
  • Help maintain colour in dyed hair for longer periods of time;
  • Do not dry out or irritate the scalp.
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