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Welcome to Essentiq’s KIDS world, full of children, robots and friendly monsters!

During the first years of our lives the skin is particularly sensitive, children’s sebaceous glands do not work the same way as adults’. That is why we must choose shower gels & shampoos, body lotions and creams that are children-friendly. Essentiq KIDS line products are gentle, they do not irritate the skin, they smell nice and children enjoy using them. Plus, you can rest easy, even if the child manages to accidentally swallow a bit of a product. They are not harmful in any way. Our children are our treasure and Essentiq created the KIDS line products with the greatest care and thought for the well-being of the children’s skin. Because we only want the best for our children.

The KIDS line is based on Aloe Vera, because it:

  • prevents skin inflammation;
  • nourishes the skin with various minerals, vitamins, proteins and enzymes;
  • blocks UV- rays and initiates the process of skin renewal;
  • has calming and soothing effects;
  • is low-allergen.

And for KIDS with different derma allergies we recommend the use of products with Oats.

  • Oats helps in the recovery process after various skin diseases, like eczematous skin, dermatitis or fungal infections. Oats can help reverse damage caused by UV-rays, it can restore the natural skin barrier, reduce itching, and regulate inflammation.
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