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The MAGIC line is magical in many ways – the formulations are built on the latest developments in biotechnology related to plant stem cells; the packaging is innovative – airless jars and graphic design that generates optical illusion.

Our formulations are based on a highly innovative concept of using stem plant cells to maintain the natural beauty and health of the skin, while combating signs of ageing. Plant stem cells (just as human stem cells) have the ability to produce new stem cells as well as develop into any of the specialised cells needed. Together with specialized peptides and enzymes, plant stem cells can stimulate the skin’s own stem cells to repair damage and help protect the skin from deterioration and ageing.

Ingredients combined in MAGIC products work in synergy to:

  • Re-densify the dermal extracellular matrix and increase epidermal thickness;
  • Speed up regeneration of damaged skin;
  • Provide antioxidant protection and specifically protect against UV stress;
  • Protect, soothe and calm sensitive skin (reduce skin redness);
  • Reduce wrinkles by increasing skin density, elasticity and firmness using holistic approach;
  • Achieve long term moisturising and prevent water loss through the skin.