Essentiq Men Care - Organic and Vegan friendly

“MEN want simplicity in life. We don’t bother with product composition, effects of individual ingredients, percentage of natural/organic. We simply like the product or we don’t. Usually we want the product to foam and clean well, smell nice and not make our hair greasy too soon. And of course, we want products to have multiple uses. The more functions in one, the better. And most men in our daily routine only use soap, shampoo and deodorant (perfume). It’s as simple as that.”
Blaž Topolinjak, Co-founder of Essentiq

Well, we managed to include all of those demands in the first two products of our MEN’S line – shower gel/ shampoo 3 in 1 with multiple uses – cleansers for beard, hair and body, with good foaming effect, nourishing, fresh or oriental fragrance, all stylishly dressed up.  Simply good for your hair, skin and for the environment! Nevertheless, our products will satisfy even the most discerning and demanding customer, because they are designed with great care. We believe that a man’s skin & hair deserve the best, just as a woman’s do.

Men Care Products