Natural Skincare for Teenage Skin

Natural skincare for teenage skinI have two teenagers at home (aged 12 and 15). Like most teenagers, mine have pimples on their faces, too. I could not avoid the process of growing up and all the problems related to that, even though I am in cosmetic business. My teenagers have typical teenage skin. And since I have two convenient guinea pigs  at home, we have started to study the routine that teenagers should adopt if they want to avoid skin problems.

Teenage Skin is Specific and Requires Special Attention.

Together with my teenagers we came to the conclusion that the most important part for preventing pimples on teenage skin is appropriate and regular cleansing. Something that teenagers simply do not do as well as they should. Teens should wash their faces with the Cleansing gel at least EVERY EVENING. It is even better if they do it twice per day – in the morning and in the evening. Despite all my efforts this is still mission impossible, especially with my son. He only follows these instructions when his pimples get achy or when subcutaneous pimples appear. However, with the appearance of the later, face scrub should be used (it can be used once/twice per week). Face scrub MUST NOT be used on the areas where/if the skin is thin – usually on the cheeks. I must brag a little bit and say that I did succeed in training my teenagers to wash their faces with cleansing gel while showering. This is part of their routine now and since they see the positive results, they do it.

Treatmet of Teenage Skin with Organic – Natural Cosmetics Essentiq

With teenagers and people with oily skin in mind, we have developed a special Fluid for oily skin – Rose Myrtle & Bergamot. The fluid is water based, combined with Aloe Vera gel and polysaccharides. This composition makes the fluid extremely light and skin penetrating, just what the oily skin needs. Main ingredients, such as Rose Myrtle, Saw Palmetto and Juniper fruit extracts, as well as Bergamot peel oil, help unclog the pores and consequently reduce sebum production, thus fighting skin problems, improving hydration and radiance. The fluid is further enriched with bio fermented hyaluronic acid, Ximena extract, glycerine, allantoin, panthenol and bisabolol. In winter and in cold weather even oily skin might need some occlusive oils for protection. In such cases we would recommend the use of KIDS facial cream Aloe Vera & Vanilla. Why? Because it contains light and quickly absorptive oils that nourish the skin, but they do not make it extensively oily. Nevertheless, if your teens have thin skin on their cheeks, then we recommend facial cream for dry skin Immortelle & Babassu in winter time.

In short, supply your teenager with facial cleansing gel Green lemon & May chang, face scrub Olive & Rosehip and Fluid for Oily skin Rose Myrtle & Bergamot. Encourage them to apply this kind of daily cleansing routine on teenage skin when the first pimples appear and do not wait for problematic (inflammatory) conditions to develop.

Of course, as a producer and a believer in natural and organic cosmetics, I will always recommend you use natural skincare, not just for teenage skin, but any skin. It is less harmful for the environment and more user friendly in the long run for you.