What are we offering?

Essentiq is just the right partner for you when creating your custom-made product.

We have the knowledge and the capacity to provide you with a complete range of services required in cosmetics or food supplements business:

  • Private labelling, customisation of products from our product catalogue or product development.
  • Preparation of cosmetic files.
  • Performance of stability and compatibility tests.
  • We are capable to fill the products into different types and volumes of containers: bottles, tubes, jars, capsules etc.
  • Support and guide our partners through whole certification process. Products can be certified as natural, natural-organic or organic by ECOGEA institute. For more details see ECOGEA standard here.
  • For our clients we can assign a responsible person for cosmetic products who will deal with requirements of your local authorities (different inspections and audits).
  • We can take care of the CPNP registration and product data submission.
  • Select packaging from our own stock collection or bring your own.

Different production capacities:

  • For creams: MQO = 100kg bulk
  • For shampoos and shower gels: MQO = 200kg or 600kg bulk.

Our daily (8 hours) production capacity:

  • for cosmetics about 6.000 pcs products,
  • for capsules MQO = 100.000 capsules.

Packaging available within Essentiq

Product Development Phases

  • Phase 1

    Concept preparation

    Design of the whole concept and idea with the proposal of the active ingredients and the arrangement of the different products in the cosmetic line.

    TIMING: 1 – 2 weeks

  • Phase 2

    Development of product formulation

    All products are developed in accordance with the organic cosmetics guidelines (Ecogea-Organic). If the product cannot be classified as organic for various reasons, the criteria for the standard for natural-organic or natural shall be considered. The exact percentage composition of the product is determined and laboratory samples are prepared in the formulation development process. The necessary parameters for the production of larger batches (temperature, mixing, homogenisation, etc.) are also determined. All products are developed on a predefined type of packaging, so it must be specified before development begins.

    TIMING: 1 – 3 MONTHS

    Phase 2

  • Phase 3

    Preparation of product specification and documentation of ingredients

    The product specification and the documentation of the product components (analysis reports, SDSs, etc.) are the basis for making the product safety assessment for cosmetic product. All cosmetic products on the EU market must be registered in the EU CPNP portal and have a cosmetic product safety report prepared in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009

    TIMING: 1 – 2 WEEKS

  • Phase 4

    Cosmetic product safety report and CPNP

    All cosmetic products on the EU market must be registered in the EU CPNP portal and have a cosmetic product safety report prepared in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009

    TIMING: 1 – 2 WEEKS

    Phase 4

  • Phase 5


    Certifications for NATURAL or ORGANIC cosmetics or VEGAN,…

    TIMING: depending on Certificate 1-3 months.

    Certification must be carried out before finalisation and printing of labels.

  • Phase 6

    Product Efficiency Testing

    Product performance testing (anti-aging, moisturizing, etc.) and dermatological tests are performed by several different laboratories. If the client opts for such tests (client cost), the contractor connects the client and the laboratories in EU.

    Phase 6

  • Phase 7


    Once all input ingredients are available at the production facility (all ingredients + packaging (primary & secondary (if exists) + labels + transport packaging) we usually produce products within a month time. The supply of input ingredients usually takes 4-8 weeks.

    Thus total TIMING: 2 – 3 months.

Awards Winning Formulations

Frequently Asked Questions


We only work with clients, with whom we start from scratch – product development or production on the basis of our products. We do not produce based on other formulations.

  • Creams/Emulsions/Serums, packed 15-50 ml – first bulk MQ = around 1.000 pcs, then 2.000 pcs or 100 kg bulk
  • Shower gels/Shampoos/body lotions, packed in 100/200/250 ml – first bulk MQ = 200 kg, afterwards 600 kg
  • Products packed in 500 ml or higher volumes – MQ = 600 kg or more

The timeline much depends on a pro-activeness and responsiveness of a Client, complexity of products and Client’s demands regarding certifications, product efficiency testing, etc. Usually, an average project, with 4 to 8 products, takes 3 to6 months for development phase and another 2 to 3 months for production.

Indicatively it works in the way as described in our product development phase , keeping in mind that some phases can be done simultaneously, when time needs to be saved.

Prices depend on quantities, bottle volume, active ingredients involved. If you select a desired product among Essentiq products, we can send you an indicative production price for it (excluding packaging, labels and transportation). Upon request, we can supply also the bottles that we use and stock under Essentiq, as well as labels.

Yes, we are capable to develop and produce products in line with requirements of different Certificates. For each product, certified as Organic or Bio, manufacturer and products must be audited and certified. As manufacturer we have ORGANIC certificate by ECOGEA (www.ecogea.org). We can get your products through the certification process and obtain the required /desired certificates for you.

STEP 1: We discuss products you would like us to develop/produce, define their specifics and dimensions, and agree on a packaging. We prepare an offer which is discussed with you before finalisation, to make sure that we have a common understanding. Once the offer is accepted, we issue a pro-forma invoice for 50% of the product development costs.

STEP 2: We prepare samples and guidance questions to help you assess the products and comment. You test the products and provide us with your feedbacks. If required we prepare another two rounds of samples.

STEP 3: Once you approve the products, we issue another invoice, where we include the remaining development costs + costs related to administrative regulatory services+ 50% of the anticipated production cost. We send you product specification, all input materials needed to prepare a label. We guide you through the label preparation and make final quality control before printing to ensure that Label regulatory requirements are fulfilled. We order the ingredients we do not have on stock.

STEP 4: Once you provide us with labels, packaging and we receive the ordered ingredients, we make the products. Just before shipment we issue the third invoice, where we charge you with the outstanding difference of the production costs, based on the concrete number of products made.

When we send you an offer, our price only includes costs of ingredients and production. All other costs, such as labels, specific primary packaging (jars, bottles), secondary and transport packaging, and transportation are excluded.

If our Client sends us constant orders at least once per two/three months, then we can offer warehousing services. For more irregular customers – we send back the remaining unused materials (e.g. labels, packaging, special ingredients) at the time of final product shipment.

Yes, we do offer Cosmetic regulation services. But only to our Clients.  Primarily we are a manufacturer, who offers full service range in the area of cosmetic and food supplement production.

Thus we do offer our Clients services such as:

  • Product Classification
  • Ingredient Assessment
  • Label Compliance
  • Claims Review and Consultation
  • Product Notification / Registration
  • Responsible Person(RP) service

Following Cosmetic regulation, there are two important issues each owner of the brand must fulfil before placing products on the market: (1) to nominate the Responsible person (RP), and (2) to register the products within CPNP

Responsible person

According to EC No. 1223/2009, every cosmetic product, before being placed on the market, should have a legal or natural person inside EU, known as a Responsible Person (RP) who will be in charge of the safety and documentation of the cosmetic product. This person also participates at different inspection audits and provides all necessary product information to inspectors. The roles and obligations of such person are listed in detail in the EC No. 1223/2009. Before labelling the product you need to decide on responsible person, as it should be indicated on a label.

Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP)

The regulation also set in place a centralised online notification system, where the manufacturers only need to register their products once in order to sell their cosmetic products in the entire EU, known as the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP).

We need to enter the ingredient list into the CPNP database, add label and photo of the product and more. Once the product is registered, it receives its unique registration number that we provide to our Client. It must be highlighter though that CPNP is not open to the public. The access to CPNP is restricted to the Competent Authorities (for the purposes of market surveillance, market analysis, evaluation, and consumer information), to the Poison Centres or similar bodies established by Member States (for the purposes of medical treatment), and is not available for consultation by the public.

You can read more about CPNP on https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/cpnp/


We can offer you packaging that we use by Essentiq, which we have on stock. If you wish to have different packaging, we can provide you with contacts of several packaging producers /dealers and you can make direct contact with them and purchase packaging on your own.

Labels or secondary packaging (boxes)

Before label design finalisation, you will need to get EAN/UPS code from organisation GS-1 from your country. You will have to decide on Responsible person and finalise certification process (if you wish to have any of certificates – ORGANIC, NATURAL, VEGAN, BIO). From our side you need to get the list of ingredients (INCI)  and the percentage of natural/organic ingredients. We do guide you through the whole process of label design and at the end we make the final quality control to ensure that all requirements from EC No. 1223/2009 are fulfilled.

We do not make sun creams. The only protective films that are allowed in organic cosmetics are zinc/titanium dioxide which leave a white trace.

No, we do not. You can find a quick overview of products that we produce HERE.

Yes, we do. We have a long list of already developed bases of products. We have on stock over 200 ingredients and are capable to make any cleansing, nourishing or ‘green pharmacy’ products.

You can find more about the types of products we make HERE.

It is impossible to answer this question in general for any country.  The shipping costs depend on the number of pallets send or the weight and dimensions of the package (for smaller packages) and (for bigger countries) the exact address. The costs can only be determined once shipments are prepared. We do verify the prices with our logistic partners so that you can compare between offers that you received and ours.

According to our experience, the delivery time in EU is max one week, usually 3-5 days.

You can find a quick overview of products that we produce HERE. We do not send samples for free. If you are interested in co-operation, please provide us with more information of your demand (inquiry). If we consider that we could co-operate, we will respond with concrete answers to your questions/demands. You need to understand that we receive a lot of spam on daily basis and we respond only to messages that contain some concrete project information and introduction of a partner.