What are we offering?

Essentiq is just the right partner for you when creating your custom-made product.

We have the knowledge and the capacity to provide you with a complete range of services required in cosmetics or food supplements business:

  • Private labelling, customisation of products from our product catalogue or product development.
  • Preparation of cosmetic files.
  • Performance of stability and compatibility tests.
  • We are capable to fill the products into different types and volumes of containers: bottles, tubes, jars, capsules etc.
  • Support and guide our partners through whole certification process. Products can be certified as natural, natural-organic or organic by ECOGEA institute. For more details see ECOGEA standard here.
  • For our clients we can assign a responsible person for cosmetic products who will deal with requirements of your local authorities (different inspections and audits).
  • We can take care of the CPNP registration and product data submission.
  • Select packaging from our own stock collection or bring your own.

Different production capacities:

  • For creams: MQO = 100kg bulk
  • For shampoos and shower gels: MQO = 200kg or 600kg bulk.

Our daily (8 hours) production capacity:

  • for cosmetics about 6.000 pcs products,
  • for capsules MQO = 100.000 capsules.

Packaging available within Essentiq

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